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Self help kits

All MyMoods Kits Are Bundled For Additional Savings

Take Care Pack
Worry Buster Pack
Helping Hand Collection
Self-Care Kit
Joyful Collection
Re-Center Kit
Sweet Dreams Collection
Heart Necklace
Anti-Smoking Kit
Lack Energy Collection
Motivation Kit Collection
Romance Kit Collection
Stress Kit Collection
Headache Kit
Uplift Kit Collection
Hypertension Kit
MyMoods Original Set
Complete Set of 14

How to Use

MyMoods are not intended to be inhaled into the lungs. In fact, the benefits gleaned from MyMoods are much less effective when inhaled. The act of breathing in through the mouth and out through the nose ignites the olfactories.

MyMoods essential oil devices are filled with pure essential oil blends that are perfectly engineered to support your mind, body, and spirit, naturally. A few breaths of our natural blends will ignite your olfactory senses, and support you on your wellness journey.

MyMoods Diffusers Are Safe

MyMoods diffusers were created to align with an adult healthy lifestyle and are offered as an alternative method of diffusing essential oils to gain the benefits of aromatherapy. Used properly and as directed, MyMoods personal aromatherapy diffusers are safe.

Essential oils used in MyMoods diffusers are natural and organic, emulsified in pure food grade vegetable glycerin derived from coconut. Essential oils are chosen and blended based on their positive benefits for your wellness. MyMoods devices run on low power, heating essential oils at as low a temperature necessary to produce vapor that is similar to that of steam from a kettle. Essential oils are not burned in this process. 

MyMoods do not contain any tobacco, nicotine, diacetyl, propionyl, acetyl, THC, cannabinoids. Vitamin E acetate, artificial flavors, or any other harmful additives. Every single ingredient we use is safety tested and all natural, ensuring the healthiest experience for you.  

That being said, individuals who have experienced allergic reactions from a MyMoods diffuser or essential oils, have asthma or similar respiratory conditions or are pregnant or nursing, should not use MyMoods diffusers. Consult your physician with questions on whether MyMoods personal aromatherapy is appropriate for you.  

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